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Breast Implants are placed in pockets below or above the breast muscles away from the milk glands, thus you can continue breast feeding after the scars are healed. Approximately 95% of women should be able to breastfeed after undergoing breast augmentation surgery, However women who undergo breast lift or breast reduction may have increased risk of loss of lactation due to the cutting of lactation ducts.
At QMC we use EUROSILICONE breast Implants, FDA approved, long lasting with lifetime warranty.
With implants you get lift, immediate and permanent results. With fat transfer you have no scars and breast is softer, but you have to undergo liposuction first.
Breast augmentation results can last for a lifetime, however after 15 years implants begin to harden and replacement might take place.
Breast implants do not effect or delay breast cancer detection, also studies had proven that breast implants does not increase the risk of getting breast cancer.